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Preventing Car Glass Repair

Maintaining your car regularly is not just something to do to keep your car looking nice and clean. It is something that will keep it in its original condition. That means that your car will be less likely to malfunction, and that applies to the windshield too. When you are driving, you do not want your windshield to break. Thus, with these car maintenance tips, you will prevent a car glass repair:

#1 Make Sure Windshield Wipers Are in Working Condition

When you have the time, examine your car’s windshield wipers and make sure they are working as they should. Wiper blades play a big role in keeping the glass sturdy and in tiptop shape. If the rubber on the blades looks old and worn out, replace them.

Generally, you should examine your windshield wipers every few months. If the rubber has cracks in it and is starting to fall apart, replace the wipers as soon as you can. By keeping the wipers in a good condition, you would avoid having to go to a car glass repair shop.

#2 Regularly Clean the Car Glass

Another precaution that will protect the glass and prevent a car glass repair is regularly cleaning the glass. A clean windshield is less prone to damage. The reason for that is that without any dirt, the windshield wipers stay in shape and don’t scratch the glass.

#3 Never Use Sponges or Towels to Wash Glass

Most people use sponges or towels to wash and dry car glass. Yet, doing so can damage the glass. While sponges are used to clean around the house, they are not ideal for car glass. Sponges are meant to scrub, not gently clean. Thus, when they are used to wash cars, sponges can scratch the glass. Signs of scratches do not appear right away. However, over months of use, they will leave their mark. Likewise, using a towel is just as bad for car glass and should be avoided.

#4 Use a Clean Microfiber Cloth

When you wash and dry your windshield, use microfiber cloths that are clean. These cloths are gentle on car glass and can help you avoid damaging your windshield.

#5 Park Away from Loose Tree Branches

When you park outdoors, examine where you have parked your car. If your car is located beneath a tree with loose tree branches, consider moving your car to a safer spot. This way, you can avoid risking that tree branch falling on your car.


Maintaining your car is the most effective way to stay away from a car glass repair shop. By keeping your car glass strong, it is less likely to get damaged.

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