Auto Protection Against Thieves

At this time of year, we may have packages in our car’s back seat for all your family and friends but it’s also for all the world to see. Thieves often do not consider the morals of their actions. If they want to break into your car to either steal something from inside or to drive off with the vehicle, they will not hesitate. However, that does not mean that there is nothing you can do to have auto protection against thieves.

In fact, there are five important tips to follow if you want to be less likely targeted by thieves. Here are those five tips:

Repair or Replace Any Damaged Windows

Obviously, if you have a damaged car window or windshield, thieves are more likely to attempt breaking inside your car. They have an easy way in, and they do not even have to break the glass as it is already broken. So, a good way to have auto protection against thieves is to repair any damaged auto glass.

Remove or Hide Valuables

Another reason thieves might target your car is if they notice valuables lying about inside the vehicle. Even items you might not consider that big of a deal might be precious to thieves. Thus, hiding your valuables is a must. These items can vary from a GPS, an empty tote bag, spare money, etc. Anything that might catch a thief’s eye should be hidden.

Park in Plain Sight

Drivers who park their cars in empty parking spots or in front of lonely buildings are more likely to get targeted by car thieves. To have the best auto protection, you should simply park in plain sight in areas that are well-populated.

Tint the Windshields and Windows

Another great tip is to tint your auto glass. Tinting laws vary from state to state, but generally, you can tint to a certain extent. You don’t need the windows and windshields to be pitch black; you just need them to be dark enough to hinder thieves from being able to detect what is inside your vehicle. This is particularly helpful at night. If you have just the slightest tint on your windows, it will be nearly impossible to see anything inside the car.

Put Window Stickers That Say You Have a Car Alarm

Even if you do not have a car alarm, it is wise to purchase stickers that say you have a car alarm set up. If a thief is tricked into thinking that an alarm will sound if he so much as tries to open the door or break through a window, he will most likely not go near it. This is a wonderful way to get inside the thief’s head and play him at his own game.

These five simple tips for auto protection against thieves will keep your car safe from even the smartest and slyest of car thieves.

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