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4 Must-Do Actions After a Car Windshield Repair San Diego

We do not blame you for disliking a damaged windshield. After all, no one likes a crack in their car glass. So, once you have received a car windshield repair San Diego, what should you do? How can you prevent another damaged windshield? Maintaining your windshield is actually easier than you think. With a few simple tips, it is possible! Below are four must-do actions you should follow: Continue reading

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4 Life-Changing Blogs on Car Glass Repair San Diego Prevention

Everyone knows that preventing a car glass repair San Diego is a great thing. After all, windshields break all the time, and they are costly. So, if a driver can avoid them, it is a miracle. The good news is that preventing a car glass repair San Diego is very much possible. Below are four blogs that will change your life for the better and prevent a repair:

Protecting San Diego Auto Glass by Removing Stickers Properly

Trends change, and so does what we like. So, it is only natural to want to remove stickers we put on your car windshield or window years ago. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. If you do not want to damage your car’s glass, read the rest of this blog.

How to Change Windshield Wipers to Avoid an Auto Glass Repair

Windshield wipers play an important role in your auto glass’s safety. For one, they keep your windshield clean. For two, they can prevent an auto glass repair. Think of it like this: if you have a dirty windshield, the glass is more likely to scratch and chip. However, while windshield wipers are great to have, keeping them long after they have aged is bad. If they are worn out, they could scratch the glass.

Washing Your Auto Glass Prevents a Replacement San Diego

Taking a good care of your car does more than keep it pretty. In fact, washing your car preserves its value. A great example of that is your auto glass. By washing it, you can prevent windshield and window issues, like scratches and even chips in the glass. And preventing such damages can help you dodge getting an auto glass replacement San Diego

Holiday Safety: Avoiding a Cracked Windshield Repair El Cajon

Thanksgiving is getting close, and if you are going on a holiday road trip, you must take precautions to stay safe on the road. This means protecting your car from getting any windshield damages and examining all aspects of your car, like the tires, battery, and even the windshield wipers. Therefore, we are going to discuss ways you can avoid a cracked windshield repair El Cajon along with other car issues that you can easily prevent before your road trip.


Preventing a car glass repair San Diego is possible with frequent car maintenance and by following a few simple tips. A costly repair will not happen today!

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When is a Mobile Windshield Repair San Diego a Requirement?

If you have a damaged windshield, a mobile windshield repair is not always necessary. However, it sure beats driving to a repair shop. Nevertheless, there are certain cases that make getting a mobile windshield repair San Diego a requirement. This is especially important when your safety is on the line, such as the instances below: Continue reading

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Top 4 Blogs on Windshield Care and Preventing a Repair San Diego

What prevents a windshield damage? Is it never driving on the road ever again? No, of course not! Windshield damages sometimes occur no matter how cautious we are. However, there are times when we can maintain our windshields better to prevent a windshield repair San Diego. Caring a little extra for our auto glass can keep it in the best shape and avert easily avoidable damages. Below are our top four blogs in windshield care to help you prevent a windshield repair San Diego: Continue reading

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Windshield Tinting Myths: Shedding Light on the Truth

Why do some drivers get their windshields tinted? Is it because the dark auto glass makes the car look cool? Or is it just a luxury that some can afford? The truth is, there are a lot of myths on windshield tinting. Many drivers who refuse to tint their windows fall for these myths. After all, they think that they could save money by not wasting it on pointless tinting. However, tinting auto glass is useful for many reasons. To help you understand the benefits of tinting auto glass, let us shed light on the truth and discredit those myths once and for all. Continue reading

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Travel Safety Begins with a Car Windshield Replacement San Diego

Sometimes, your damaged windshield is far past being repaired and needs a replacement. This is typically when the damage is too big or too risky to simply cover up and seal. Therefore, if you are traveling with such a major windshield damage, it is mandatory that you get a windshield replacement San Diego first. Not only will this keep you safe on the road, but it will prevent other issues too. Here are four important travel safety reasons to get a windshield replacement: Continue reading

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5 Benefits of Auto Glass Tinting in San Diego

Tinted car windows offer tons of benefits that many drivers are not aware of. While auto glass tinting San Diego improves the appearance of a car, it is not limited to just that. Tinting car windows does more to the safety of your car than you might think. In fact, tinting your car windows might just protect you on the road. Below are five awesome benefits of tinting your car windows: Continue reading

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Major Signs Your Car Needs a Windshield Replacement San Diego

Getting a windshield damage is never fun. Now you must waste precious time out of your day getting the glass repaired or replaced. Worst of all, it can be costly. So, is the answer avoiding the damage? No, of course not! In fact, ignoring it only makes it worse. It is always best to get a repair or replacement as soon as the damage occurs. However, how can you tell when a damaged windshield needs a windshield replacement San Diego instead of a repair? Here are some major signs: Continue reading

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Who to Trust When You Need a Mobile Windshield Repair San Diego

Unfortunately, you have a damaged windshield. Now you need to get a mobile windshield repair San Diego, but who can you trust for the task? Should you call an auto glass repair shop that has only been in business for a few years and has poor customer service reviews or an auto glass repair shop that has been in business for over 25 years and has a reputable customer service? Of course, the choice is yours. But it is easy to see which is the better option. At 7 Star Auto Glass San Diego, you know you are receiving a trustworthy service, and here is why: Continue reading