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Avoid These Mistakes After a Car Glass Repair San Diego

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to look after and maintain your car. So, if you have recently gotten a car glass repair San Diego, it falls on you to ensure your car glass remains in perfect shape. One way to do that is to park cautiously to avoid anything from falling on your car. However, you should also be avoiding these mistakes: Continue reading

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4 Reasons You Need a Power Window Repair San Diego Today

When you have a jammed power window, you should always take your car to an auto glass repair shop. Getting a power window repair San Diego is essential for your safety. Besides, delaying this repair can only cause further issues with your car. A repair is the best method to protect both your car and yourself. Here are four reasons why a repair is needed if you have a jammed power window: Continue reading

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Why a Mobile Windshield Repair San Diego Is Better with Us

If you have a damaged windshield, you probably stumbled upon this blog while looking for the best auto glass repair shop in San Diego. And you have come to the right place! While many repair shops offer a mobile windshield repair San Diego, not all are reliable or as great as us. We are not boasting (okay, maybe a little). We are simply telling the truth. Here is why our repair service is the best choice to go with: Continue reading

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Spoil Your Car with Windshield Tinting and Other Tricks

Have you ever wondered why so many people tint their car windshield? Is it because it looks nice or does it have any actual benefits? The answer is that windshield tinting is both nice in appearance and beneficial. In fact, lots of people tint their windshields during the summer to keep their cars cool. In this way, they maintain their cars. By windshield tinting and doing a few other tricks, you can also spoil and keep your car in shape. Continue reading

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4 Warning Signs You Need an Auto Glass Replacement San Diego

No matter how well you think you know cars, if you are not a certified auto glass technician, you might miss some important warning signs. For instance, you might see a small chip in the windshield and think it can hold off. When, in reality, the windshield might need an immediate auto glass replacement San Diego. Below are four warning signs you need a windshield replacement: Continue reading

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How to Prevent a Car Glass Repair with Simple Car Maintenance

Maintaining your car regularly is not just something to do to keep your car looking nice and clean. It is something that will keep it in its original condition. That means that your car will be less likely to malfunction, and that applies to the windshield too. When you are driving, you do not want your windshield to break. Thus, with these car maintenance tips, you will prevent a car glass repair: Continue reading

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4 Blogs with Tips on Getting an Auto Glass San Diego Repair

Getting an auto glass San Diego repair is simple. Yet, many drivers have a hard time getting their damaged windshield repaired. This is mostly due to unreliable auto glass repair shops. However, we are here to show you how easy it is to get your windshield repaired. In fact, the below blogs are full of tips on quickly and easily getting your windshield repaired: Continue reading

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Who to Call for a San Diego Auto Glass Replacement?

There are lots of auto glass repair shops to choose from in San Diego. However, that does not mean that all of them are worth calling for a San Diego auto glass replacement. You should only choose the best repair shop which can offer you an affordable price. When it comes to safety, your auto glass should only be handled by the most certified professionals. Which is where 7 Star Auto Glass San Diego comes in, and here is why: Continue reading