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How to Change Windshield Wipers to Avoid an Auto Glass Repair

Windshield wipers play an important role in your auto glass’s safety. For one, they keep your windshield clean. For two, they can prevent an auto glass repair. Think of it like this: if you have a dirty windshield, the glass is more likely to scratch and chip. However, while windshield wipers are great to have, keeping them long after they have aged is bad. If they are worn out, they could scratch the glass. So, here is how you can change your windshield wipers to avoid an auto glass repair: Continue reading

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Car Care San Diego: Changing Wipers Prevents Damage

Did you know that your windshield is very necessary for the structural integrity of your car? It’s true. Without the windshield, the roof of your car can easily collapse, since the glass is what holds it up. That’s why it’s essential to take care of your windshield by keeping it clean and sturdy, without any damages. Another way to protect your windshield from damage is by replacing the windshield wipers when they start getting old and worn out. This car care San Diego tip is a must to follow. Continue reading