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4 Most Informative Windshield Tinting Blogs

Many car owners drive their cars without any tinted windshields. They do not see the importance of having a tinted glass. To them, it is simply something that improves the appearance of a car. Nevertheless, windshield tinting is valuable in so many other ways. Below are our top four most informative blogs on tinting auto glass and its uses: Continue reading

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Our Top 6 Car Windshield Repair San Diego Testimonials

If you need a car windshield repair San Diego, do not just choose just about any auto glass repair shop. A car windshield repair San Diego should be done only by the most expert specialists in the field. Plus, you want to find a shop with the best prices and customer service. Which is why we believe 7 Star Auto Glass San Diego is the place for you. But don’t take our word, take theirs: Continue reading

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When Can You Get Windshield Tinting in San Diego?

Windshield tinting is one of the best luxurious a car driver can have. But did you know that tinted auto glass is beneficial too? A tinted windshield protects you and your car in many ways, making it so much more than a luxury. While it does enhance your car’s appearance, it is great outside of that too. But when should you get your windshield tinted? Is there a specific time or season? How can you find out so that you could reap the many benefits of a tinted auto glass? Continue reading

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5 Steps to Protecting Your Auto Glass San Diego

How can you as a driver effectively protect your auto glass San Diego from damages? One way would be to never take your car outside. If you are not on the road, your windshield cannot break, right? Of course, that is silly. Since driving is an everyday necessity, you must find other ways to protect your auto glass. Below are five steps to maintaining and guarding your auto glass: Continue reading

Windshield Repair San Diego Tips for Defense Against Thieves

Thieves are everywhere whether we like it or not. In fact, they often wear the faces of innocent people. They could even be the kids down the block from your house looking for trouble. Whatever the case, you need to take precautions to prevent thieves from getting into your car. At 7 Star Auto Glass, we have several car safety and windshield repair San Diego tips to prevent a thief from breaking in. Here are some of those important tips: Continue reading

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5 Car Care San Diego Tips to Adhere for Your Safety

Taking a good care of your car not only keeps your car looking nice but also protects you on the road. The better you preserve your car, the better it works. So, if you want to stay safe on the road, be sure to keep your car in the best shape. A couple of ways to do that is by following these amazing car care San Diego tips: Continue reading