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Car Windshield Repair San Diego: What Services Do We Offer?

At 7 Star Auto Glass San Diego, we do more than just car windshield repair San Diego and replacement services. After all, car glass gets damaged more than one way. Windows can get jammed, sunroofs might break, and so on. Thus, it is important for us to have services tailored to all you auto glass needs. Below, you will find some of our many services.

Automatic Windows

Going to 7 Star Auto Glass San Diego is not only for broken windshields and windows. In fact, your car’s glass does not even need to be visibly broken. For instance, your automatic power window could get jammed. This is usually caused by a fuse or relay taking place, causing a window not to roll up or down. What do you do then? Going to a regular car shop is an option, but it is one that will cost you more. On the other hand, at our professional car glass repair San Diego shop, experts will repair your window at an affordable price. Plus, if you do not feel safe driving, you can call for our mobile windshield repair service. We will come to you at no additional cost.


Not all cars have sunroofs, but the ones that do can sometimes face similar problems as automatic windows. Sunroofs usually stop working because of a fuse or relay, causing the glass to jam. If the sunroof is open and the weather outside is bad, the driver can find himself in a dangerous situation. However, our car glass repair San Diego shop can take care of this problem. At the same time, if the sunroof is chipped, cracked, or shattered, then we can repair or replace it.


Windshields, windows, and sunroofs are not the only car glass parts that our car glass repair shop can repair. Chipped, cracked, or shattered exterior mirrors are another car glass parts that we work on. Thus, if you find yourself with a damaged exterior mirror, do not go to a regular car shop. It is important to keep in mind that regular car shops do not always have car glass on hand. This ends up costing you more because these car shops must order the appropriate glass for your vehicle. Alternatively, at our car glass repair San Diego shop, there is always plenty of car glass supply on hand. This means that you will pay less than double what you would pay elsewhere.


At 7 Star Auto Glass San Diego, you can find high-quality car glass services of all kinds. Our car windshield repair San Diego services are only the best there is.

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