Power window repair

A Power Window Repair Can Save Your Life

Power windows are often underrated. They just sit on the sidelines as you, the driver, look out your windshield at the road. They can be forgotten, too, until they get dirty and you must wash them. However, they play a major role in your safety. They keep things out of your car, like bugs and rain. If something does go wrong with your power windows, it then becomes important to fix them. Yet many people choose to delay a repair. We are here to tell you that a delay is not a good idea. A power window repair can save your life, and here is how:

When You Have a Jammed Power Window

A jammed power window might not seem like a big deal when the window is closed. Though, a jammed power window that is open is a big deal. For one, you can no longer prevent things from entering your car. On the least dangerous spectrum, bugs could enter through your open window. On the most dangerous spectrum, rain could enter through your open window. Picture yourself driving on the road without the ability to close your window when you want to. Not only is this irritating, but it could increase your chance of getting into an accident. If it starts to rain, you are in trouble. This puts you in obvious danger and endangers others on the road too.

A jammed and opened power window can also attract thieves. This is no doubt because the window is open and gives easy access to your car. This way, thieves do not need to break a window or slip any tools inside to unlock the car. It is an effortless job for thieves, and they cannot resist. Consequently, it is crucial—nay, essential—to get a power window repair if your window is jammed open.

When You Have a Jammed Sunroof

Similarly, a jammed sunroof is not something you want to leave unrepaired. A sunroof is a power window that happens to be in the roof of your car. It may be out of sight above your head; though, it still plays a big role in your safety. If it is jammed open, it could be just as dangerous as anything else. And just like with any jammed window, it makes your car an easy target for thieves.

When Rain is Entering Your Window

As revealed above, rain entering your car through your jammed window is risky. If this is happening, it is vital you pull over to safety and stop driving your car. It is a must for you to call an auto glass repair shop for a power window repair. While you could simply drive yourself to a repair shop in other cases, driving under the rain in this case is bad. So, it is best to ask for a mobile repair service from your location.


A power window repair does not take too much time to do. However, not getting the repair could put you in danger on and off the road.

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