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4 Must-Do Actions After a Car Windshield Repair San Diego

We do not blame you for disliking a damaged windshield. After all, no one likes a crack in their car glass. So, once you have received a car windshield repair San Diego, what should you do? How can you prevent another damaged windshield? Maintaining your windshield is actually easier than you think. With a few simple tips, it is possible! Below are four must-do actions you should follow:

Frequently Clean Your Car Glass

A clean glass is better than a dirty glass by a long shot. For one, a clean glass is less likely to get scratched and damaged. If you see glares on your windshield, that is a major sign of a dirty glass. This is because dirt and watermarks reflect light. It is important to clean your windshield inside and out to eliminate dirt. Doing so will help you avoid another car windshield repair San Diego.

Maintain Your Windshield Wipers

car windshield repair San DiegoWindshield wipers are more important than they appear. Yes, they help you see during rain. But they also help you keep the glass clean and prevent damages. Therefore, it is never a good idea to keep them dirty. If there is dirt on the rubber, friction will occur against the glass, leading to scratches. At the same time, you do not want to keep old, worn out, and cracked windshield wipers. Typically, wipers need a replacement every six months. However, if the wipers get worse before, it is best to replace them early.

Remove Bugs and Tree Tar

The acidity of bugs and tree tar harm your auto glass. That is why cleaning your windshield right away is a must. Otherwise, removing bugs and tree tar becomes harder and you risk damaging the glass. To prevent a future car windshield repair San Diego, clean bugs and tree tar as soon as they appear on your glass.

Peel Car Stickers Carefully

Car stickers seem innocent, but they can be a driver’s worst nightmare when it comes to removing them. This is where it gets tricky. Peeling car stickers the wrong way can easily scratch and harm your auto glass. To prevent another car windshield repair San Diego, be careful when peeling stickers. To do so, use WD-40, a penetrating oil that softens stickers, and your nails. Gently peel the sticker for a safe result!


After a car windshield repair San Diego, preserving your auto glass’s condition is a must for preventing future damages. This requires taking a few important actions.

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