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5 Steps to Protecting Your Auto Glass San Diego

How can you as a driver effectively protect your auto glass San Diego from damages? One way would be to never take your car outside. If you are not on the road, your windshield cannot break, right? Of course, that is silly. Since driving is an everyday necessity, you must find other ways to protect your auto glass. Below are five steps to maintaining and guarding your auto glass:

Clean the Glass Inside and Out

Take a car windshield cleaner (without ammonia as an ingredient) and use it to wash the glass inside and out. Cleaning auto glass San Diego from the inside prevents glares and keeps them in great shape. This prevents damages.

Clean Underneath Windshield Wipers

Just because you have cleaned your windshield does not mean your job is done. Before walking away from cleaning, look underneath your windshield wipers. Did you clean all around them? If not, lift the wipers and clean the dirt under them. At the same time, be sure to wipe the wipers using water and a microfiber cloth. This will keep the wipers clean and make the glass less likely to scratch.

Do Not Use Sharp Objects to Peel Off Stickers and Decals

auto glass San DiegoLots of drivers put up decals or stickers on their cars. For instance, college students tend to need decals to park at their school parking lot. Sometimes kids also like to put stickers on their parents’ cars to make the view cute. Therefore, if you have a sticker and/or a decal on your windshields or windows that you no longer want there, do not use sharp objects to peel them off. Doing so can scratch the glass, and that will eventually ruin them. Instead, use WD-40, a penetrating oil that helps soften the stickers. Spray the stickers with the oil, let it soak for a minute, then gently peel off the decal from the corner using nothing but your nail. Be careful not to scratch the glass, though.

Use Microfiber Cloths to Wash and Dry the Glass

Sponges and towels are harmful on your car and can scratch the glass and paint. Thus, using them is not an option. Instead of sponges and towels, invest in a couple of microfiber cloths. You can find them at your nearest supermarket. Not only are these cloths cheap, but they are gentle on auto glass. Use them to wash and dry the glass (purchase at least two, one for washing and one for drying).

Use Rain-X Water Repellant

Whenever it rains, our windshields suffer. Windshield wipers get set to maximum speed, and if the wipers are not new and in good condition, that can ruin the glass. These instances can create scratches and sometimes even chip the glass. Therefore, to protect your auto glass San Diego, use Rain-X Water Repellant. Spray the product on your windshield and for some time, your windshield will repel the rain, making windshield wipers less needed.


Protecting auto glass San Diego has never been this easy. With these few tips, you can prevent future windshield damages and costly repairs.

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