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Car Windshield Repair San Diego: What Services Do We Offer?

At 7 Star Auto Glass San Diego, we do more than just car windshield repair San Diego and replacement services. After all, car glass gets damaged more than one way. Windows can get jammed, sunroofs might break, and so on. Thus, it is important for us to have services tailored to all you auto glass needs. Below, you will find some of our many services. Continue reading

windshield tinting

4 Most Informative Windshield Tinting Blogs

Many car owners drive their cars without any tinted windshields. They do not see the importance of having a tinted glass. To them, it is simply something that improves the appearance of a car. Nevertheless, windshield tinting is valuable in so many other ways. Below are our top four most informative blogs on tinting auto glass and its uses: Continue reading

car glass repair San Diego

Avoid These Mistakes After a Car Glass Repair San Diego

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to look after and maintain your car. So, if you have recently gotten a car glass repair San Diego, it falls on you to ensure your car glass remains in perfect shape. One way to do that is to park cautiously to avoid anything from falling on your car. However, you should also be avoiding these mistakes: Continue reading

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4 Reasons You Need a Power Window Repair San Diego Today

When you have a jammed power window, you should always take your car to an auto glass repair shop. Getting a power window repair San Diego is essential for your safety. Besides, delaying this repair can only cause further issues with your car. A repair is the best method to protect both your car and yourself. Here are four reasons why a repair is needed if you have a jammed power window: Continue reading

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Why a Mobile Windshield Repair San Diego Is Better with Us

If you have a damaged windshield, you probably stumbled upon this blog while looking for the best auto glass repair shop in San Diego. And you have come to the right place! While many repair shops offer a mobile windshield repair San Diego, not all are reliable or as great as us. We are not boasting (okay, maybe a little). We are simply telling the truth. Here is why our repair service is the best choice to go with: Continue reading